I am a graphic designer by profession and have spent the majority of my career creating art in the arena of advertising.  My extensive career in the challenging and gratifying field of visual communication has given me the opportunity to create a variety of effective designs.Equally competent in both conventional and digital techniques, I have produced promotional collateral, ad design, outdoor advertising, transit advertising, corporate identity, and illustrationfor a number of prominent businesses and events in the greater Binghamton, New York area.

My artwork is produced using electronic media. The "electronic canvas" combines my love for creating art and my fondness for computer technology. Each painting is an original and is produced using digital media. I use a digital tablet as my canvas and a stylus as my paintbrush. Each stroke and line is produced as it would be if painting on a traditional surface, such as canvas.

My work is greatly inspired by the desire to create imagery that gives me comfort. My hope is that my art will elicit the same sense of well-being in those who view it.